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Your service has been working well for me. I've been flooded with e-mails and calls.
I've found a lot of items that I've been looking for. 
Thank you,
Brian C. Myers


Just wanted to let someone know just how much Wholesale Music Warehouse has done for my
new online business. I had been searching for quite some time for a wholesaler that could 
provide child size guitars at a reasonable price. I paid $900 to sign up with a company that provides wholesale products. 
They had a lot of the items that I was looking for, so I thought it would be a great opportunity. 
Then, while browsing the internet, I found Wholesale Music Warehouse. I called and talked to Kelly. 
She was very friendly and knowledgeable. She explained that this company would have distributors contacting me
instead of me having to look for them. The results were fast and effective. Just one of the distributors 
that Wholesale Music Warehouse sent to me had a majority of the guitars that I needed on my website. Also, 
the price of one of the guitars was listed at one third the price that I was going to have to pay the much more
expensive wholesale company. A couple of weeks after I signed up with Wholesale Music Warehouse,
I had a few questions and was able to call back and talk to Kelly again. She was just as courteous and efficient
as she had been before! I am sure that this is the best money I have spent to create my business! 

Thank you Wholesale Music Warehouse, and thank you Kelly!


Dana Reese
Music Re-seller 


Subject: Re: kontology doing business as HDM. 

Kelly, the phone has just started ringing off the hook! I don't have enough ears or arms! 
On the phone with Mike from LPTT and two calls come through on top of the one I missed while checking voice mail messages!
LOL! I am having a good time already! 

Edgar ...


From: "Peggy Wood" music reseller 

Subject: Re: Small Fry Supply RESALE CERT.

HI Kelly,
Just letting you know I'm very pleased with the response so far. 
I tried on my own 5-6 years ago to expand and fizzled due to difficulty in making connections. 
You have already in basically 24 hrs hooked me up with at least 4 companies 
I have had a high interest in and want to do business with. 
Thanks and I'm glad I tried you guys out. 
Peggy Wood
S.F.S. Music 

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