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     Find the right connection for you business. Find the secret master wholesalers that big retail doesn't want you to know about. Here at Wholesale Music Club, we are dedicated to finding and getting you the Master drop shippers, Master Wholesalers, and Master Manufacturers for the musical instrument industry. Our staff has a combines 35+ years in the wholesale industry. We KNOW who is who and what companies can provide real wholesale products at real wholesale prices. Find the rock bottom prices for your business. This is where Wholesale Music Club can help. We do not just find them for you, we contact them on your behalf and plug you directly. Once you become a member, you will begin to receive calls from master wholesalers within days. Running a business is hard, and to have the wholesalers come to you is just one of many advantages that Wholesale Music Club offers. To find out more about our drop ship membership program Call 951-319-8485. Talk to a real Wholesale Rep with the club to find out how Wholesale Music Club can improve your chances of dialing into the MASTER WHOLESALE DROPSHIP SUPPLIERS.

SS208 Players Snare Stand
HS208 Players Hi-Hat Stand
B10 GP "Pro Series" Hickory Bongos
CBS208 Players Boom Arm Cymbal Stand
CS208 Players Cymbal Stand
P241 Student Snare Stand
T23A Wood Block with Stick
CBS1018 Professional Boom Arm Cymbal Stand
CSC1018 Professional Cymbal Stand
HS1018 Professional Hi-Hat Stand
SS1018 Professional Snare Stand
HHT 10" Hi Hat Tambourine
MT10 Professional 10" Double Row Tambourines MT101BK- Black MT102CH- Silver MT103RD- Red MT104BL- Blue MT105GO- Gold
RT68 Tuneable Toms- 6", 8", 10" Sets with Stand and Adapter Track
LT156 Timbale Drums
WDC31S Professional Wood Conga Set- 10" and 11"
CW425 4" Black Cowbell for Drumsets
6111 Cowbell and Block Holder
DB1455X Snare Drum Backpack Black, padded nylon with drumstick and stand pouch on bottom
B2 GP "Pro Series" Hickory Bongos
D250 Double Braced Drummers Throne
GP200 5 Piece Drum Set, 3 Stands, Cymbals, Throne and Sticks GP200B- Black GP200WR- Wine Red GP200G- Forest Green
GP300 5 Piece Drum Set, 4 Stands, New High Quality Cymbals, Throne and Sticks GP300B- Black GP300WR- Wine Red GP300G- Forest Green
P231 Student Hi-Hat Stand
P221 Student Cymbal Stand
SPD15 14" Snare Drum Practice Pad
DP778TN Pro Quality Double Drum Pedal
GP50 3 Piece Junior Drum Set, with Cymbal GP50BK- Black GP50BL- Metallic Blue GP50G- Metallic Green GP50RD- Metallic Red GP50SV- Metallic Silver GP50WR- Wine Red
D260 Deluxe Drum Pedal with Dual Springs
11021B Bongo Stand
DT82 Double Braced Drummer's Throne
DT395 Heavy-Duty Drummers Throne with Double Braced Legs
JRTH Junior Drum Throne
DSB Zippered Drumstick Case- Black Woven Nylon Bag with 3 Pockets
B51 Drum Brushes- Retractable with Loop End
B10M Deluxe Maple Bongo with Rubber Feet
D719 Heavy-Duty Pro Quality Drum Pedal
DHC12T1 Replacement 12" Clear Drumhead
DHC13T1 Replacement 13" Clear Drumhead
SDM336 Maple Piccolo Snare Drum
SD 201 10 Lug Snare Drum
SK22 Snare Drum Student Kit
DHC14BW1 Replacement 14" White Coated Drumhead
DHC14ST4 Replacement 14" Clear Bottom Snare
DHC14T1 Replacement 14" Clear Drumhead
DHC16T1 Replacement 16" Clear Drumhead
DHC10T1 Replacement 12" Clear Drumhead
DHC22T1 Replacement 22" Clear Drumhead

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User-Name & Password To Confidential Distributor Listing Site

We Contact Over 100 Real Distributors For Your Company And

Request Wholesale Catalogs + Dealer Price Sheets To Be Mailed To You Directly


Names & Numbers For All Real Master Distributors

Over 100 Total Wholesale Musical Instrument Wholesalers

Confidential Master - Distributors Guide 2020 Issue

Excel Spreadsheet With 1,000+ Music Instrument Products

Download 1,000+ Product Images With 1 Click Of Your Mouse. 

Business Consulting & Support Via Telephone

Top Master Wholesale Distributors Website Links on Excel

Your Wholesale drop ship membership Never Expires 


200 Top Brands - 2,500  Musical Instruments & Music Related  Products. Uncover The Real Wholesale Distributors That DO NOT and WILL NOT Sell To The General Public. Quickly Uncover The Real Master Distributors & Drop Shippers. You Will Know Who All Of The "Key" Master Distributors For Musical Instruments Are. We Provide You With 1,000  Musical Instrument Images   (Master-Distributor Specific Images ) Easily Download The Musical Instrument Product Images With 1 Click Of Your Mouse. Plus You Receive Our Confidential Excel Spreadsheet Provided For Easy Upload To Your Existing Web Store. Custom "Members Only" Excel Spreadsheet Includes Over 1,000 Musical Products. Some Distributors May Not Sell To  NON-COMMERCIAL ADDRESS  BUSINESSES.  Contact Rob @ 951-319-8485With Any Questions. Several Distributors Do Sell & Deal With Home Based Businesses, And Do  "Drop-Ship"  We Direct Your Business To The Proper Warehouses. Your Confirmation Email & Receipt Includes Specific Instructions On Which Warehouses Are Able To Sell To Your Company. Scroll Down This Page To View All Details. 



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