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Our staff is compiled of musicians as well as audio industry veterans. Our experience includes working as factory representatives (12+ years) for many top audio companies like PowerLine Audio, Harrison Labs, CDT Audio, Atomic Loudspeakers, Subwoofer Technologies Inc, and more... We spent years working the B2B Drop Shipping trade shows, both as reps and as manufacturers. Over the years we have developed some of the strongest master-wholesale distribution connections. Wholesale music club USA will help your business almost overnight. You will notice a very positive difference by utilizing our custom products and wholesale services.
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Wholesale music suppliers sell wholesale music products to licensed music dealers only. Music products like guitars, both acoustic and electric. We also stock multi-neck special custom guitars. Wholesale music warehouse club is an exclusive "dealer only" club. We specialize in not only selling the dealers musical instrument products, but providing confidential wholesale services targeted at uncovering and connecting your business with over 100 real business to business wholesale music instrument distributors. Your wholesale music warehouse club drop ship membership includes many benefits including:2020 wholesale music instrument master distributor guide, 1,000+ music product images ready for immediate download, 1000+ music products on excel, confidential email blastsent for your company to all major music instrument master wholesale distributors, ( over 100 music instrument wholesalers are contacted by fax for you! ) We ask for confidential wholesale musical instrument catalogs to be mailed directly to your office. You will soon have the most solid ( real wholesale ) connections for music gear, and you will soon be on your way to selling fun equipment. Enjoy selling items you have a passion for. Wholesale musical instrument distributors are waiting to send you their wholesale - dealer catalog. Amazing wholesale music products are available (1) or 1,000 at a time. We also provide drop shipping services to all club members. Dealer profit margins are between 50 to 300% depending on the item. The wholesale music instrument industry awaits you. Welcome to wholesale music warehouse club USA. Wholesale suppliers and wholesale services. Music instruments as well as many professional audio items are available wholesale to dealers only. Over 100 music instrument wholesalers distributors drop ship supplier warehouses carrying guitars drums amplifiers dj equipment violins school band instruments speakers mic's stands cymbals wires cables connectors and much much more. All sold to licensed re-sellers only who can provide a valid tax id or business license. Custom guitars drum sets equalizers pa equipment clarinets harmonicas acoustic guitars accessories of all kinds. Click here to enter wholesale music warehouse club USA. Wholesaler distributor selling to the music trade only. Must have re-seller license.





Model ID:GP300

 Category: Wholesale Drum Sets

5 Piece Drum Set, 4 Stands, New High Quality Cymbals, Throne and Sticks GP300B- Black GP300WR- Wine Red GP300G- Forest Green

9 Ply Poplar/Basswood Shells 6 1/2x14 Chrome Snare Heavy Duty Double Braced Hardware       GP Percussion



Model ID:GP200

 Category: Wholesale Drum Sets

5 Piece Drum Set, 3 Stands, Cymbals, Throne and Sticks GP200B- Black GP200WR- Wine Red GP200G- Forest Green

9 Ply Poplar/ Brasswood Shells 6 1/2x14 Chrome Snare Double Braced Hardware       GP Percussion



Model ID:GP50

 Category: Wholesale Drum Sets

3 Piece Junior Drum Set, with Cymbal GP50BK- Black GP50BL- Metallic Blue GP50G- Metallic Green GP50RD- Metallic Red GP50SV- Metallic Silver GP50WR- Wine Red

6 Ply Poplar/Basswood Shells, PVC Covered Clear Batter Side Bass Drum Head Black Ported Resonant Side Drum Head White Batter Side Snare Drum Head Clear Resonant Side Snare Drum Head, Clear Ride Tom Drum Head (both sides)   GP Percussion



Model ID:LT156

 Category: Wholesale Drum Sets

Timbale Drums

Complete with Stand, Cowbell, and Holder           GP Percussion



Model ID:RT68

 Category: Wholesale Drum Sets

Tuneable Toms- 6", 8", 10" Sets with Stand and Adapter Track

            GP Percussion



Model ID:MD1000

 Category: Wholesale Drum Sets

Drum Set Bass Drum: 22"x14"x 12 Lug Floor Tom Tom: 16"x16"x12 Lug Tom tom: 13"x11"x10 Lug tom tom: 12"x10"x10 Lug chrome snare drum: 14"5 1/2"x6 Lug double braced hardware, cain drive bass pedal 7/8" power tom holder fully metal parts includeing the lugs 9 pcs. plywood of bass drum and floor tom, and 6 pcs plywood of toms pvc of USA

            TJ Percussion



Model ID:AD-10H

 Category: Wholesale Drum Sets

Drum Set Bass drum: 22"x14"x16 Lug floor tom tom: 16"x16"x12 Lug tom tom: 13"x11"x12 Lug tom tom : 12"x10"x12 Lug chrome snare drum: 14"x5 1/2" x8 Lug double braced hardware, chain drive bass pedal 7/8" power tom-holder, fully metal parts including the lugs 9pcs plywood shell of bass drum and floor tom, and 6pcs plywood shell of toms pvc of USA

            TJ Percussion



Model ID:MDJ-16

 Category: Wholesale Drum Sets

16 Bass DRum Cymbal Included

            TJ Percussion



Model ID:MDJ-13

 Category: Wholesale Drum Sets

13" Bass Drum Cymbal Included

            TJ Percussion



We contact over 100 major instrument multi-line wholesalers for your company via professional fax. Imagine the possibilities. We ask for confidential wholesale catalogs to be mailed directly to your office. We also ask for free samples, displays, catalogs on cd, free literature, and any promotional items like posters and banners.

Real Wholesale Warehouses Do Not Advertise On Search Engines. You Must Visit The Annual Musical Instrument Trade Shows Or Join Wholesale Music Warehouse Club In Order To Uncover Them.


drop ship membership With Wholesale Music Warehouse Club includes all of the benefits listed here. Your company instantly uncovers the lowest wholesale prices, better brand names, faster shipping, amazing customer support, drop-shipping services, download product images & data files for use on your web store, contact multiple wholesale musical instrument warehouses at once. Achieve the purchasing power your company needs to be successful. All for much less than attending the music industry trade shows! We supply 1,000 products directly!

We Contact Over 100 Real B2B Drop Shipping Wholesale Musical Instrument Distributors For Your Company And Request Confidential Wholesale Catalogs + Dealer Price Sheets To Be Mailed To You Directly Order The GOLD WHOLESALE SERVICE PACKAGE For Best Results 951-319-848565% Off Retail ! Purchase From Any Of 100+ Wholesale Musical Instrument Wholesalers Listed Within Our Confidential Dealers Only Web Site Business To Business Wholesale Musical Instrument Warehouses



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